Would you like to do YOUR values | YOUR life with the support of an Internationally Certified Coach (that’s me)?

If you’re a high-achieving and extraordinary human, juggling the big career or business and you know - life, consciously working on yourself can be a tough call. There’s never enough time and there’s always something more important to do.

YOUR values | YOUR life Upgrade follows the free course but with a very important addition – ME!

Upgrade now to get one-to-one support through the course including two coaching calls and email support throughout the process. Whether as a stand-alone experience with this course or, as an introduction to working with me in the future, this incredible value offer, at nearly half my normal coaching prices, really is too good to miss.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re halfway through the course or even finished, we can use those two sessions to work together on anything that you’ve highlighted through the process.

What happens when you upgrade? You will get full access to the entire three-week YOUR values | YOUR life course straight away and I will send you a questionnaire and link to book in your first coaching session. You get TWO full one-hour coaching sessions with me to support you through the process and help you set objectives in your life, where living in alignment with your values might need a bit of tuning-up.