the wheel/circle of life

The Wheel or “Circle” of Life is a personal development tool, commonly used by life coaches and learning & development professionals, to help someone assess the different areas of their life and to develop an action plan to bring more focus wherever it’s needed.

In practical terms

  1. Add a heading to each of the segments on the wheel. What headings you use are entirely up to you, but I have included a list of 12 below that I use.

  2. Work through the areas one-by-one giving each a score based on how satisfied or happy you are with that area of your life at that moment in time. As you can see from the image, you shade the segments in the wheel based on your “happiness factor”; with 0 being pretty unhappy and 10 being pretty darn happy.

  3. Once you have shaded your wheel, you will likely see that is creates quite an uneven “circle”. How smooth would your ride be based on your wheel?

  4. So far you have essentially used the wheel as a diagnostic tool to see where you are in your life right now. Now it’s time to take action! Looking at the 3 areas of your life that you scored the lowest; what can you change? Starting gently and being very forgiving of yourself, choose 3 things (for each of the 3 areas) that would have a noticeable impact to you in these areas. We’re not talking monumental stuff here, just find 3 small + doable things that you could take action on right now. The key words here are doable + get started + action.

If you Google "Wheel of Life" you will see that the approaches vary from maybe 8-12 “life areas” but I use the 12 areas listed below. The wheel itself can be also accompanied by a series of questions or prompts to help you get to grips with each area. If you would like help with any aspect of the wheel, get in touch and book a free clarity call with me, I’d be delighted to help (no strings and no sales pitch at all).

Please download the blank Wheel of Life PDF to use as your own personal development tool, but don’t forget to substitute my list for a list that works for your life.


Blank Wheel of Life

Example Completed Wheel

Example Completed Wheel

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Romantic Relationship

  • Family

  • Career/Business

  • Social Life/Friends

  • Personal Development

  • Spirituality

  • Financial

  • Creativity

  • Contribution/Activism

  • Fun/Play

  • Physical Environment


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