to belong: stories of belonging from extraordinary voices


Thanks for considering contributing your story of belonging, to this wonderful project. A full brief of what is involved is below.

the context

As I have been developing my coaching business I have become increasingly dedicated to the area of Belonging and in early 2018, I committed my business to help folx to belong to themselves and to foster true belonging in their lives, communities and workplaces.

the book

To Belong is an e-book that will be available as a free download (no sign-up or commitment required for those that want a copy). It tells short stories of belonging from extraordinary humans. My aim for this project was to collect and collate as diverse a range of stories of belonging as possible. My hope is to feature as large a number of stories as possible, and particularly to raise up underrepresented voices, to as wide an audience as I can.

I know that as part of my learning and unlearning, listening to voices that have a different lived experience to mine, has and continues to be, absolutely essential. I want to help to contribute to the hearing of those voices. This is where you + To Belong comes in - I would love to share your story of belonging.

the nitty gritty

If you’ve read this far and you’re keen to be involved, firstly THANK YOU; I’m really grateful to you for taking the time out to contribute. Here are the details of what is required:

  • A 450 to 550-word essay about your lived experience of belonging.

  • It is entirely up to you to decide how to frame “belonging”, be it in the context of your family, culture, community, the wider world or more. If you would like to chat about your essay, I’d be delighted to jump on a Skype call with you if that would help.

  • This is 100%, not a “fluff piece” - I am hoping to share real and honest stories of what it is like to belong in the world from your lived experience - no rules, whatever you feel called to write.

  • The final part of each contribution is this: I would love to ask you to include a short (50 words or less) actionable suggestion, to support readers in their own learning and unlearning and how they can actively be part of the movement towards a world where belonging is not a commodity reserved for a privileged few.

  • Once you have written your essay please email it to me at, together with a photograph of you to appear alongside your story.

one final request

When you send back your essay please also include the following information:

Your Author Bio - your bio can reflect your business, job, life or anything you would like it to represent that you would like readers to know about you. Please write your bio in the 3rd person. Your bio should be no more than 300 characters (including spaces).

Your Online Presence - please include any website address and social media profiles that you would like included alongside your essay (it is entirely up to you what you do/don’t include).


the future of to belong

I have dreams for this book that go way beyond an e-book. My first goal was to release the e-book in early 2019, but after that, I plan to continue to collect essays and hope to publish 100 stories in print at a later date.  If you have any suggestions for any folx to approach to also contribute to To Belong, please do let me know.

If you have got this far and YOU’RE IN - AMAZING! Please drop me a quick note to let me know and if you are able to give me an idea of when you’d be able to let me have your essay, that helps with the planning of future updates to the book.

Thanks so much for helping share extraordinary voices of belonging with the world.


Like to know more about me?

I’m a Life & Leadership Coach that helps folx to belong to themselves. I work with the Four Pillars of Belonging to support my clients to build a home within themselves, and to live, love & lead, their way. Head over to my About page to find out more.