Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of YOUR values | YOUR life and I’m so pleased to have come on this journey with you.

In Module 1, you sifted through more than 350 values words to discover your 6-9 Core Personal Values. In Module 2, you prioritised your CPVs and identified your Compass Values, as well as getting a second opinion and taking your CPVs out into the world. And finally, in Module 3 you have learnt how to evaluate your life and decisions using the Values Wheel and how taking action to bring about changes to better meet your CPVs is crucial.

Making changes, big or small in our lives can be challenging; we’re always so busy and let’s face it, we don’t often come to the top of our to-do list. If this process has brought up some areas of your life where change is needed, this can feel overwhelming and it’s very common to not know where to start.

For some, there is the temptation to “throw the baby out with the bath water” and make huge transformational life changes in a pretty knee-jerk fashion.  For others, the changes can feel too big to accomplish and so rather than looking for what is possible, they change nothing.  For others still, there are only minor tweaks that are needed, and it just doesn’t seem worth it.

YOUR values | YOUR life UPGRADE

My offer of the YOUR values | YOUR life UPGRADE is still available to you.  If you would like to use your upgrade to take your work on the course further and make some changes in your life, I’m here to help and I invite you to use the UPGRADE to do this.

It’s a great value way of initially getting to grips with the changes you would like to make.  While you are not going to transform your entire life in 2 coaching sessions (I’m good but I don’t have a magic wand), we can certainly get to grips with where to start.


YOUR values | YOUR life Discounted Coaching Offer

I believe 100% in the power of coaching to change your life which is why, as someone who has completed the course, I would also like to extend you this offer:

Sign up for my signature four-month coaching package, either straight away or after also using the discounted UPGRADE option, and I will give you a 20% discount on my current published coaching prices*.

Let’s work together to help you to live, love and lead aligned to YOU!

Whatever you decide to do now, I wish you the very best on your Core Personal Values quest and if I can be of any assistance at all please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.