The Values Wheel for Decisions

When I first developed the Values Wheel, I used it pretty much like the Wheel of Life as I’ve explained in previous pages.  More recently I have seen just how powerful it is when used as a tool to help with decision making or assessing a new opportunity or life change that is on the table.

Let’s take a look using Valerie again. Valerie has the opportunity of a new job, it’s quite different to her current job in that it involves a lot of travel, a big pay rise and a good few rungs up the proverbial ladder. She has completed the Values Wheel for this job offer as you can see below.


As you can see, Valerie has found that the new job opportunity didn’t hit the mark on one of her Compass Values and didn’t score so well in other CPVs either.  The question at this point for Valerie (and of course for you dear reader), would be whether this constituted a “Hell NO” to the job opportunity or whether with a bit of tweaking, she could get this opportunity to be a “Hell YES”.

What Valerie has essentially asked herself is this:

  • ‘How can I tweak insert opportunity here to better meet my values rather than it being a hard no?’

  • ‘Are there other compelling reasons for me to accept this opportunity?’

  • ‘If yes, what can I do to ensure that this meets my CPVs as well as possible?’

Pro Tip: This is less of a tip and more of a cautionary tale.  Take care here that in your negotiations and tweaks, that you don’t actually end up looking at where you can tweak your Core Personal Values rather than the opportunity itself.  Whilst your CPVs are not cast in stone, and it may well be that you decide to live with a decision that doesn’t quite meet them as well as you’d like; it’s shifting sand when you chip away at each of them to shoehorn a decision into being a YES, just because you “should” or because other people think it’s the right thing to. 

Remember YOU are the authority on your life!