Introducing the Wheel of Life

Before we get into the specifics of the Values Wheel that is included as part of this course, let me ask you a question: Are you familiar with the Wheel of Life? If you are and you’ve used it before, you might be able to skip this section and move on to the Values Wheel, if not, keep going as this section is super useful too.

The Wheel of Life is a development tool, commonly used by life coaches and learning & development professionals, to help someone assess the individual areas of their life and to develop an action plan to bring more focus wherever it’s needed. I have included an example image of a completed Wheel of Life below so you get the feeling how it is used.

In essence, you work through the areas one-by-one giving each a score based on how satisfied or happy you are with that area of your life at that time. The wheel itself is often accompanied with a series of questions or prompts to help you get to grips with each area. As you can see from the image, you shade the segments in the wheel based on your “happiness factor”; with 0 being pretty unhappy and 10 being pretty darn happy. An interesting analogy commonly used for the outcome is that of how smoothly your ride in life would be if you were to put your Wheel of Life on your car – often quite bumpy!

If you Google "Wheel of Life" you will see that the approaches vary from maybe 8-12 “life areas” but the version I use has 12 (listed below).

Please feel free to download the blank Wheel of Life PDF to use as a personal development tool, but don’t forget to substitute my list for a list that works for your life.


Example of Completed Wheel of Life

Blank Wheel of Life to download

Blank Wheel of Life to download

Blank Wheel of Life Printer Friendly

Blank Wheel of Life Printer Friendly

MY Wheel of life areas

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Romantic Relationship

  • Family

  • Career/Business

  • Social Life/Friends

  • Personal Development

  • Spirituality

  • Financial

  • Creativity

  • Contribution/Activism

  • Fun/Play

  • Physical environment

Right; now I’ve explained the Wheel of Life, we can get back to the Values Wheel that I have developed using a similar model, but using your Core Personal Values.