Get Crafty


This final section in Module 2 is about creating a rich and immersive setting for your CPVs to live within; it also means you get to play and be creative with words and language which is certainly one of my favourite things to do.

I don’t know about you but although I could remember 6-9 words by learning them “parrot-fashion”, I am much more inspired by intentional statements that talk about how I will live my life and what each value means to me. Let me give you an example:

One of my values is Fairness and the value statement that shows my intent around living this value is:

Fairness: to live with equality for all at the centre of all my intentions, fighting for justice where I can.

Pro Tips for crafting your intentional value statements:

  • Make them emotional, use words that inspire feelings rather than words that describe things.

  • Make them memorable – if humour is your thing, sprinkle this into your value statements. If you like to curse, go ahead and stick the curse words in there, whatever works for you.

  • Use your related words – remember back in Module 1, I made you choose one overarching word from a list of words with a common thread? Now is the time to dig those back out and weave them into your value statements (in the example above, Justice and Equality were both in the same list as Fairness).

  • Whatever else you do, make them provocative and thought-provoking so they inspire you to live, love and lead by them.