Get a Second Opinion

This step in many ways can be fun and in others, can be quite confronting. Up until now you’ve done this course squirrelled away on your couch at home with a cup of coffee and a digestive biscuit (or maybe that’s just how I like to picture you?). Now it’s time to take these values out into the real world and see how they measure up in real life with some trusted friends or family.

A word about family – whilst we like to run things by close family, they are often not best placed to help with this exercise.  If you feel your partner/mum/sister will provide helpful feedback that isn’t laced with judgement, their own “stuff” or an overemphasised concern for your welfare (or why exactly you’re wasting your time with all this “values stuff” anyway), then maybe a close friend or fellow value-seeker might be your best bet here. It’s your call.

Just deciding to do this part of the module is in itself, a really useful exercise in trying on your values for size.  If your values don’t truly feel like home, then sharing them is going to feel really “off”. If the idea of sharing your values feels a bit strange and a bit vulnerable that is totally to be expected and don’t worry.  If, however, you start to feel embarrassed or ashamed of some or all of your values and really don’t want to share them with a trusted friend, something isn’t quite right - I’d suggest taking a look at your values again before you go any further. If you are finding this part of the course challenging, take a look at the upgrade option to get some support with this.