Take your Values for a Spin

Right, so you have a list of 6-9 CPVs, you’ve put them in order of priority and found your Top 3 Compass Values; what now?

It’s great to have the list but before you really get into using these in your life (hello Module 3), how do you know if they’re really right for you? Like any big decision, you’ve got to take them for a test drive and try them out. These are YOUR values and they need to fit like that snuggly, worn-out sweatshirt that you put on as soon as you get home (bra off, of course); your values are just that – your home.

There are a few things you are going to do to test out your CPVs, but first I want you to head on over to your journal/notepad and consider the following prompts:

  • How do they make you feel? Do you feel like home?

  • Are they very personal to you?

  • Are there any in there that feel a bit “should” and that you’ve chosen because you’re meant to?

  • Does your order of importance feel right – are those top 3 really what it feels like to be you?

  • Do these values make you feel good?

  • Would you be comfortable to tell your values to people you respect and admire as well as friends and family?