find your 3 compass values

In this section you are going to try to put your CPVs into some sort of order of importance, so you can start to bring them to life.  It can be pretty tough and can be a bit like picking between pizza toppings, but this step is key to making your CPVs a really workable day-to-day thing, so it’s important to “give it a go”.

All your CPVs are important to you of course or you wouldn’t have chosen them, but your Top 3 Compass Values are those three values that you live and breathe by. Putting your 6-9 CPVs into order of importance will help you to identify your priority non-negotiables in life.

I find this is an exercise best done in Word or even Excel as it allows for lots of cutting and pasting until you feel like you’ve got the order just right. I have included an example of some prioritised values, including 3 Compass Values from my (fictitious) client Valerie.

Pro Tip: This is another exercise to do over several coffees and come back to after you’ve slept on it. I often do this two or three times until they stop moving around but remember, these values are not set in stone and can, and will, change over time so don’t tie yourself up in knots about getting it spot-on (rein that inner perfectionist in please)!

The CPVs of Valerie Values.