You’ve Just Got to Pick

After the last step you might still have a fair list of summary value groups, albeit with a word that encompasses them all at the top. The big is question is 'How many should I end up with?'

The actual number is up to you, but I would say more than 6/9 is unmanageable and would not be unique enough to represent you; less than 4/5 is unlikely to capture the wonderful messy complexity that it means to be you. If you had more than 9, would you even be able to bring them readily to mind?

A word on choosing: if like the image in the last section you have more than 9 summarised groups, there are going to need to be some casualties along the way. Your final CPVs will be woven integrally into your day to day life, so they do need to be able to be “lived and breathed”. 

A side note to the overachievers out there: yes YOU; no you are not the exception to this rule – give yourself a break and make this doable rather than a massive overstretch – it’ll make a refreshing change of pace!