Find Some Common Threads

You are now on the home straight and you’re getting closer to the goal of ending up with a final list of CPVs that really speak to you.

In the example above there was a cluster of values as follows:

Truth, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Sincerity, Frankness,
Commitment, Dependability, Trustworthiness, Integrity

What you now need to do is choose a word from each list that you feel best characterises all the words in this group. This is a real “gut instinct” decision and definitely no “logic-ing” or overthinking is required.

You might even find when looking at the groups that there are two distinct words in the same group that both speak to you very strongly, if so that’s fine too, but these will count as two distinct values in your final list, so the key here is they do need to be distinct. In the next section you will be deciding on the final list of 6-9 values, so bear that in mind when making decision here.

You will end up with something like the image below.