It’s Time to Summarise

By the time you’ve given the list a few passes you will have trimmed your values down to a big list of values that represent you in some way.  It’s worth noting that there’s a ton of words on the original list so well done for getting this far!

You are likely to still have 40 or 50 value words at this point and obviously this is too many to live by and I’d be impressed if you could remember them all. This next step is all about grouping them into themes.

It’s likely you will have been drawn to some words that have a central “theme” to them or, another way of looking at it would be that they would appear on each other’s synonym list.

A good example would be of this would be one of my core values which is Honesty. When I last came to group my values together Honesty lived in a group alongside: Truth, Trust, Reliability, Sincerity, Frankness, Commitment, Dependability, Trustworthiness, Integrity.

So this stage is all about looking for commonalities within your current list. I find this easier to do in a Word or Pages doc so I can cut and paste things around, but a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper would achieve the same thing – whatever floats your boat.

Have a go at grouping your values together now. What you will end up with will look something like the image below (click to magnify).

Pro Tip: Remember I mentioned synonyms above? You could do worse than to use the synonym feature in your chosen software to help you with this one. Do remember though that different people derive slightly different meanings from the same word so, just go with what feels like the right groupings for you.