Start at the Beginning

Suggesting you start at the beginning might sound like a pretty obvious thing to say, but us humans are pretty good at thinking we already know the answer before we even ask the question, so starting at the beginning today means taking the time to practice your Beginner’s Mind.

Beginner’s Mind is a concept from Zen Buddhism, called “shoshin”, which invites us to experience life in a way that is unburdened by the past and by previous knowledge.

Before you start this first module, try taking a few good and deep breaths and adopt the mind of someone that does not already know the answer. Being a high-achiever, this is going to be tricky! You might have spent a good part of your life believing one of your values to be “________” but how true is this? Could it have been influenced by the many external forces that impact us throughout our lives? Is it true?

For you to arrive at a set of CPVs that speak to the very heart and soul of you, you need to get a little bit quiet and be open to letting what speaks to you, be heard. If you like to meditate by all means do, but if not, just take five minutes to sit quietly before you begin. Focus on using your curiosity which you can recognise as starting with phrases like “I wonder if…" or "is it possible that...”.

Give yourself space for new things to come through while you work on this, you might be surprised what comes up.

Pro Tip: try using these prompts in your journal/notepad:

  • I am committed to discovering and living more aligned with my Core Personal Values because...

  • The things I am going to do to help me adopt a Beginner’s Mind in this module are...

  • The words or “voice” my curiosity or intuition use when my soul rather than my ego is speaking are...
    (don’t get too hung up on the woo-woo nature of this prompt, you could just as easily call this “gut instinct”, it’s just a way of getting past all the should and shouldn’ts and into the real you)