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Ever felt like something (or maybe many things) in your life are a little bit “off” but not quite sure why?

Exhausted from doing the “right” thing all the time, but yet something still isn’t quite right?

Sick of working quite so hard, climbing the ladder and want to do things your way (but really should figure out what your way is)?



your core personal values


Welcome to Your Values | Your Life.

This free course will help you to live, love & lead more aligned with you your Core Personal Values.


Discover your Core Personal Values

Your Core Personal Values are as unique as you are and finding them will change the way you live, love and lead. It’s not a journey for the faint of heart and you will need to pack away all those shoulds and shouldn'ts just for a while. These are your values, not the values you think you’re supposed to have!

Values are a part of who we are and what we stand for. They represent our unique, "one-ness”, guide our decisions and provide us with a personal code of conduct. When we live in a way that honours our values, we feel safe and fulfilled. When we don’t, we often feel a bit "off" and are more likely to get into unhelpful habits to overcompensate or justify our behaviour.

Perfectionist with people pleaser leanings anyone??

For most of us, the ambiguity comes when we are not actually clear about our values or we don’t really know what’s most important to us. The real us. Instead, we are more concerned with what our family of origin, employer, society, and culture values, not what we value.

Without undergoing a discovery process, it’s challenging to know your Core Personal Values. It’s easy to intellectualise and idealise what you should value, but knowing and accepting what you actually value takes some effort.

Your Values | Your Life is a FREE three-week course delivered by email and web, where you will discover your Core Personal Values, find your Top 3 Compass Values – the ones that guide the way, and learn how to use the Values Wheel to help you assess your life, decisions and opportunities.



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