Current Offers



I wanted to do something a bit different, something that benefits my business, my clients and also other folks that could really do with some support to get the best in their life and leadership.

I haven’t yet donated anywhere near as much as I’d like to, to the incredible charities (see below), so I’ve decided to extend this offer for all folks that sign up in Jan 2019 (Happy New Year by the way).

So my offer is simple: if you sign up and pay for any full price coaching package during January, YOU will receive a 25% discount on all your monthly payments. Simple.

In addition to your 25% off, 25% of all of your payments will be donated (equally split) to the following three charities: Campaign to End Loneliness (ending loneliness by creating connections in older age), Crisis (working to end homelessness) and Choose Love - Help Refugees (a pioneering London-based charity supporting refugees across Europe and beyond).

To support these organisations and prioritise YOU in 2019, all you need to do is book and pay (either in full or for your first month) during January 2019. To discuss this offer, shoot me a message.



50% Launch Offer

In late 2018 I launched this fantastic new intensive half-day in-person coaching package to my coaching services. Coaching + Coffee + Cake = win (and perhaps three of my fave things ever).

I am offering a 50% discount to the first five folks that sign up for Coaching, Coffee & Cake, click below to claim your spot now.


Important Note: Terms & Conditions apply to all offers and offers may be withdrawn at any time. Offers may not be used in conjunction with each other.