Following my own experience of a similar format of coaching session twice in 2018, I’ve wanted to include this in my coaching offerings as it’s so powerful to huddle and really get into the detail. Well, it’s here - I give you Coaching, Coffee & Cake! A fantastic variation of an intensive session that includes so many of my favourite things to do:

  • In-person connection with clients.

  • The eating of cake (and other delicious stuff).

  • Seeing some of the best casual food places my home cities of Bristol and Bath have to offer (must have great coffee!).

  • Working with extraordinary humans helping them bring their dreams to life.

This is an in-person intensive session over 3 hours, in Bristol or Bath in the south west of the UK. Do you really want to kick off your coaching work with a bang? Want to work with me on an intensive basis before committing to long term coaching? Have a meaty challenge or area of your life you want to focus on? Crave in-person connection?




What's Included?

CC&C In Page.png
  • Pre-session clarity questionnaire so you can get clear on what you want to achieve and what a successful sessions looks and feels like.

  • You + Me + a great location in Bristol or Bath to meet in person.

  • Three gloriously focussed hours on YOU (plus a mid-morning/afternon 30-minute break for coffee and cake (because, coffee + cake!).

  • Once our coaching is complete we will eat lunch/dinner together (included in the price of the package).

  • You leave inspired, motivated and with a bunch of challenging but very doable things that you can't wait to get started on in your life.

  • Email support to keep the conversation going for a month after our time together.

  • We meet back up within 4 weeks for a one-hour re-group via Skype to see how things are going and refocus.


Special Launch Offer

As I launch Coaching, Coffee & Cake I am creating a very special opportunity for FIVE extraordinary humans to book a session for 50% off the usual price. That's £237.50 in full for the entire package above.

The offers runs until all FIVE THREE spots have been claimed.

The special offer package is exactly the same as the full price package, all I would ask is that you provide some short feedback after our time together, to enable me to create some reviews for future clients.

Click on LET'S EAT CAKE above to contact me to claim your spot now.

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I was at a point in my life where everything felt too busy and the demands of work were leaving no room for all the things that matter; I knew that I needed to invest some time in myself to get the balance back. When I discovered ‘Coaching, Coffee and Cake’ package, it offered everything that I wanted – an informal setting in a great location, a face to face personal connection, extended time to unpack and explore my current situation - and great food!

I haven’t worked with a leadership coach before and this felt like a great way to start as it provides the time that is needed to tell your own story before getting stuck into the current issues; and Pippa asks just the right questions to enable you to do that.
Although I love to talk, I did wonder how I would sustain it over such a long period of time but I needn’t have worried about that as the time slipped away without me even noticing – Pippa has quite a gift for putting you at your ease.
— Rachel. P


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Pippa comes across online as a very warm, down-to-earth person with a strong character and a great sense of humour and with those traits immediately apparent on meeting her in person, I knew it was going to be a fantastic session. I was drawn to work with Pippa because of her work around belonging. We covered some areas that I was expecting linked to that and also some that were a bit of a surprise to me (in a good way!).

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on the day itself including a lovely lunch, as well as the follow-up session via Skype. I was amazed at the progress that I made between those two sessions and am still continuing to make. Pippa really is the perfect person to enjoy coaching, coffee, cake – and lunch with! And also the perfect person to break down those perfectionism barriers!

Refer a Friend

I'm a believer in spreading the love so I created a Refer-a Friend Scheme. In short - recommend (or "bring") a friend, who goes on to sign up for a coaching package with me, both you and your friend get a 20% discount on the coaching package of your choice. For existing clients, this can be redeemed against any future coaching booked with me within six months of your friend signing up. Send me a message and let me know who your friend is. Available on all coaching packages and not limited to you both having to undertake the same package. T&Cs apply (cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts).