Who are you for?


I answered these questions recently on a social media challenge and I wanted to share my answers with you:

Who is your message FOR, who needs it most?


What do you wish they knew?

Who is your message FOR, who needs it most?

If I’m honest I think we ALL need it.  The separation and disconnectedness I talked about in my email last week comes from us all, and affects us all, and it is only one-by-one, that we create a change. Ironically, or maybe not, that change comes from connecting truly and deeply to yourself first, before you can show up to the world as you really are.

In my work as a Personal Leadership Coach, I work with leaders who want to belong to themselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s all CEOs and big corporate execs. I love Brené Brown’s definition of a leader that she originally included in Daring Greatly which goes like this:

“Anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.”

Well that’s all of us isn’t it?

Whether you are finding the potential in people as the CEO of a multi-national global empire, finding the potential in a group that you run, finding the potential in your kids, family, friends or colleagues, we’re all leaders in some way. And we COULD all have the courage to help develop that potential.

So if YOU identify as a leader, then my message is for YOU.

For you my love, are an extraordinary human.

What do you wish they knew?

Oh that's an easy one.  I wish you knew how extraordinary you are, just as you are. And it's that extraordinary you, just as you are, that has the capacity to lead others and develop their “extraordinaryness” - just as they are!

  • You are not extraordinary because of your ability to get lots of shit done.

  • You are not extraordinary because other people say you are (or aren't). Ever. Period.

  • You are not extraordinary because you parachute in and fix every-damn-thing for every-damn-person.

  • You are not extraordinary because you spin all the plates - leave that to the circus performers.

  • You are not extraordinary because you wear your exhaustion as a badge of honour - who falls asleep on the sofa first does not get a prize.

  • You are not extraordinary because of your performing, perfecting, over-proving and overachieving - they won't win you a prize either.

You are extraordinary because you are breathing and because you show up each day to get to know yourself better, take better care of yourself, take responsibility for yourself and in helping others, and by showing up in the world 100% of yourself (on fire), so you help others to do the same.

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