Finding Another Way #2

Another Way Pt2.jpg

Before I get started on this week’s blog, I just want to thank you all for your wonderful feedback on Finding Another Way #1 – I have had such lovely emails that I know that this is a direction where we feel we need to head, and I’m privileged to be joining you for the journey. If you’re new here and you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

So where were we? Last week I was talking about the fact that there must be Another Way to live this life malarkey, going through a conscious awakening and what that all actually means.

This week I want to get a little bit into the why and also what we can actually do to start to explore Another Way, that doesn’t involve meditating for six months on the top of a mountain with a goat (there’s always a goat in this silly stereotype for me and I’m not really sure why!!).

This journey has been somewhat of an eye-opener for me so far, actually that’s a dirty understatement, it’s been a serious mind-fuck and there have been many times when I’ve wished I could retreat back to my unconscious, people-pleasing, perfectionist, ball-breaking days when life was so much easier.

OK so that too is a filthy lie, those days weren’t easier AT ALL, but the thing is they were familiar and so it feels so much easier to retreat to the way you’ve been treating yourself and others for 25+ years, than it does to choose vulnerable and new ways – the untrodden path is always going to feel a shit-ton scarier than the well-trampled road.

Living consciously and living courageously go hand-in-hand. Challenging yourself to be all that you can be in the world, understanding your true value and your real purpose and taking tiny or huge steps in a new direction, feels vulnerable as hell and scary as-F. It takes some serious courage and quite often a fair bit of help to travel down this pathway, but when you get to that fork in the path, travel down it you must, there really is no other way; you must go through, there is no around (ok did I seriously just “pull a Yoda” there?).

My trip along this path has only really just begun and has been peppered with some interesting experiences so far that I can’t begin to imagine what is in store next. In the last three years I’ve had meltdowns, breakdowns, break ups, “aha” moment after “aha” moment.  I’ve known for some time that there was something else for me but I didn’t know what it was. I can’t exactly characterise my life as especially spiritual until more recently but in the last couple of years alone the “new” things on my journey have included:

  • Studying Mindfulness Meditation
  • Going to Hot Yoga (and to not-hot yoga thankfully)
  • Practicing just SITTING (yep not for any reason, just sitting)
  • Starting a business as a Virtual Assistant (and promptly ending it – sooo not for me)
  • Seeing a therapist
  • Seeing a reflexologist
  • Qualifying as an Internationally Certified Life Coach
  • Starting to work as a body image coaching – then changing direction, then changing direction again (I realised that the root of the problem around body image doesn’t live with body image itself at all)
  • Seeing a Reiki Healer – lots of the colour purple…
  • Having my cards done several times and starting to use oracle cards myself
  • Having my “numbers done” and being told that I should be working as a healer in some way
  • Getting professional photos taken (I even avoid family snaps so that’s mega!)
  • Training to be a Kinesiologist
  • A lot of crying (that’s still pretty new)
  • Laughing until I’ve pee’d my pants (I mean literally, I’ve given birth to 2 kids for pity’s sake)

Blimey, it’s a lot right?

It’s been one hell of a few years but I wouldn’t change a minute. All of it’s been great and has gone some way towards where I am now. I’m a Seeker. This is new too as most of my life I’ve been a Striver.

Seeking is really very different from striving. Striving is looking at the end goal, it wants results, perfection, do do do and go go go and don’t rest until you get there.  Seeking is different; seeking is curious, it wants to learn and understand and compromise and adapt. It isn’t afraid to fail; in fact, it relishes the falling as that’s where so much of the understanding comes from.

I'm hoping you’ll join me on this crazy journey as I’m in it for the long haul and like I said there’s no going back, no going round, there’s only going through.

I’d love you to come along for the ride.