Who are you for?

Who is your message FOR, who needs it most?

If I’m honest I think we ALL need it.  The separation and disconnectedness I talked about in my email last week comes from us all, and affects us all, and it is only one-by-one, that we create a change. Ironically, or maybe not, that change comes from connecting truly and deeply to yourself first, before you can show up to the world as you really are.

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"You don't know your own strength"

On the blog this week I am continuing with this notion of “belonging to yourself” that has emerged in my work with clients many times. This has been particularly common when digging into areas of challenge and discomfort; only this morning I had an in-depth conversation about belonging vs fitting in during a client session.

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Finding Another Way #2

This week I want to get a little bit into the why and also what we can actually do to start to explore Another Way, that doesn’t involve meditating for six months on the top of a mountain with a goat (there’s always a goat in this silly stereotype for me and I’m not really sure why!!).

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Finding Another Way #1

I'm loving writing my blog. I feel like I'm finally stepping into the courage to talk about the things I’ve really wanted to talk about and I live in the heartfelt hope that it helps others to take some courageous steps too. I’ve been thinking about this idea of Another Way

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I am lonely and I have no friends

OK so this is a subject really close to my heart. WTF is wrong with society these days? What I'm talking about is how separate we are and how unbelievably disconnected and unconnected we are in so many ways. Before I go off on full-rant, let me explain what I'm talking about.

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Pippa Parfait