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What are the Bach Flower Remedies?

In the 1920/30’s Dr Edward Bach, a well-known London bacteriologist, physician and pathologist, created an enduring system of 38 remedies to help support our emotional states, which he believed were the root cause of many our of “health” problems. All of the 38 flower remedies are derived from nature and therefore completely safe to take alongside any medication. They are available from most good health food shops.

If you haven’t come across the Bach Flower Remedies before, perhaps you have seen or used Rescue Remedy, which is actually a combination remedy of 5 individual flower remedies: Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Impatiens. Rescue Remedy is particularly good in an emergency or a crisis or in times of extreme short-term stress.

The Bach Flower Remedies are still to this day created where Dr Bach spent his final days, in Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire. Each bottle contains spring water, the flower essence and are preserved in small quantities of grape-based brandy (and are gluten free). You can read more about Dr Bach here.


So why the remedies &
Personal Leadership Coaching?

A great question! I am first and foremost a Personal Leadership Coach and my passion is for helping extraordinary humans to belong to themselves through working on their personal leadership rather than their corporate leadership skills. That being said, like you, I’m a complex human and I have lots of passions that come through in my work.

I’ve used Rescue Remedy for years but I came across the full range of remedies when I trained as a Kinesiologist in 2017 and saw how useful they were in helping to balance my own and clients’ emotions. I have used them ever since and went on to train with the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon in 2018 to be able to work with them more effectively.

In my younger years I resisted any “alternative” health approaches and would happily consume my body weight in paracetamol to fix a headache, but I’ve come to understand and appreciate the wide range of healing modalities that exist and that is where my work with Bach Flower Remedies comes in. It may be that like me, you feel that things like Flower Remedies are a bit “out there”, but I challenge you to keep an open mind and just see what happens - you might just be surprised. By the way if we haven’t met yet, you can find out a bit more about me here.

Well I don’t want to say it was miraculous and I don’t know why, but after my first two sessions I feel better. My confidence is improving a bit and I feel more motivated and less stressed than I have in a while. Larch and Elm are rockstars!
— Natalie, London UK
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What happens in a session and how does it work?

Sessions are very similar to traditional talking therapies in format, inasmuch as we will meet for up to 45 minutes and talk about what’s going on in your life and mostly importantly, how you are feeling about what’s going on (this is key). As a result of this I will identify up to seven remedies that could support you to balance your emotions and prepare a mixing bottle for you to take away (or receive via the post). There might be tears or there might not be, but clients often leave a session saying they feel lighter already (even if that’s not necessarily the primary goal).

The remedies are taken four times a day, ideally first thing, last thing and then roughly spread during the day. It’s as simple as four drops, four times a day either straight into the mouth or into a drink of your choice. It is unlikely that you will notice any immediate physical or emotional effect, but not unheard of, the remedies work very gently in the background and over time. No effort is required on your part other than to take the remedy and go about your day.

Important note: I am neither a psychologist nor a counsellor and if I (or you) feel that additional support of this kind might be helpful for you, I am committed to highlighting this to you and will help you to identify a suitable practitioner.


How can I work with you?

You can work with me in variety of ways, either:

In person: Either at my home in Biddestone, Wiltshire (UK), at your home in the Bristol or Bath areas or in practice rooms in Bristol, I see clients on an in-person basis.
Includes bespoke remedy bottle, information about each flower remedy and instructions on use.


Via Skype: Sessions work in exactly the same way but are conducted via Skype for the same 45 minutes.
A remedy mixing bottle will be posted to you anywhere in the UK.

Please note: Remedy bottles cannot be posted outside of the UK as the postage costs and time they would take to reach you would be bonkers. I am very happy to provide Skype consultations for international clients but the responsibility would be yours to purchase and mix remedies in your local area (I am very happy to provide instruction on doing this).

Bach Consult in the UK on Skype - £43.50 - BOOK HERE

International Bach Consult on Skype - £40 - BOOK HERE

In-person sessions - £40 - Contact me for availability HERE

I was dubious going into sessions as I couldn’t see how the remedies would work. I still don’t know HOW they work, but I keep feeling just a little bit better day-by-day and I’m better able to do what I need to in my life to make changes. Thanks so much!
— Emily, Cheltenham uk
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What are the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies?

Because we are all unique it would be impossible to pinpoint the specific benefits you may experience as a result of using Bach Flower Remedies, as they work individually meaning that the benefits will be subjective. Some of the more common reasons people seek a consultation are for help with periods of high stress, low self-esteem, fears and worries and for support during times of significant changes.

The remedies can help to improve your outlook on life, address unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns, and even help change core beliefs which are no longer serving you.

Probably most importantly, the Flower Remedies are entirely natural, put you entirely in control and can help support you while you work through emotions. The ethos of Dr Bach was to empower the person to understand the remedies and ultimately be able to identify remedies for themselves to support themselves throughout their lives - I hope we can do this together.


If this sounds like something you would be keen to explore in your life,
click on one of the links below to book your session now.

Bach Consult in the UK on Skype - £43.50 - BOOK HERE

International Bach Consult on Skype - £40 - BOOK HERE

In-person sessions - £40 - Contact me for availability HERE