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If there's one thing I know for sure, it’s that two of the biggest things that we crave, is a sense of belonging and connection.  And I'm talking about true belonging now, none of this contortionist fitting-in type of nonsense.



true belonging starts with belonging to yourself first





you build that home using the "4 pillars of belonging".

  • First you need deep and inclusive foundations (KNOW Yourself).

  • Then a great builder and decorator (CARE for Yourself).

  • Next comes sustainable heating & lighting (Take RESPONSIBILITY for Yourself).

  • And finally beautiful exposed brickwork and some arse-kicking wallpaper (BE Yourself).

At the centre of my work is Freedom. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to never be TOO anything for anyone and freedom to do, be or say anything the-F we like. It took me a long time to be OK with the fact that by nature I am a “disruptor” and I’m not big on “toeing the line”. I now see it as one of my biggest strengths as it helps me to support my clients to challenge their status quo, make changes in their lives, and learn to live, love & lead their way


living & leading my way

I’ve spent much of my career in the UK as a leader of some sort. I’ve been a CEO in the public sector, a Director of a College, run a boutique hotel and been a Regional Manager for a hotel & pub group. I’ve also been a mum and a wife, so like you, I know a thing or two about spinning too many plates and trying to be all-of-the-things to all-of-the-people.

For years I was a fixer-upper, strapping on my cape and parachuting into other people’s dramas, trying to fix partners’ shortcomings and being (in)famous for my problem solving (I am pretty awesome at problem solving).

I stepped away from the ladder-climbing and I now have the privilege of coaching some pretty extraordinary humans. I qualified as a coach in 2016 and have since qualified in Kinesiology and Bach Flower Remedies and love to include these in my work with clients where I can. All of this built on my teaching and training qualifications and my best training yet – the School of Life!

Now I get to lead my way but you don't have to throw in the towel and set up your own business to get to lead your way. Developing your personal leadership starts with working on belonging to yourself.


knowing myself

My Core Personal Values are: Honesty, Freedom, Audacity, Belonging, Fairness, Self-awareness, Understanding, Warmth, and Strength. Take my free course Your Values | Your Life to find how to live more aligned with your Personal Core Values.

Astrology - my sun sign is Taurus, my moon is in Capricorn with Virgo ascending. I'm a Water Ox too - "double bull" 😉

Psychometrically speaking - Myers Briggs - I'm an ISFJ - I'm an outspoken introvert who needs plenty of decompression time, but thrives with close friends.

I'm jointly a "The Helper" and "The Reformer" on Enneagram. The Gallup Strengths test has me as "Relator, Empathy, Activator, Maximiser, Connectedness".

My top five VIA Character strengths are: Honesty, Fairness, Humour, Kindness, Bravery.


fun facts

  • I live in the west of England near the beautiful cities of Bath and Bristol and I love it!

  • I have two gorgeous (adult) girls, Lucy and Alice. I have done many many things wrong in my life (haven't we all), they are not any of them.

  • Confession time - I have an obsession with cats. Ginger ones mostly - I love my two gingers. They’ve let me live with them since 2010 which probably makes them my longest adult relationship so far!

  • I live for walks on the beach, mooching around little quirky shops (especially those that sell crystals), meanderings in coffee shops and a cheesy film under a nana-blanket on the sofa on a Friday night. Oh and Grey's Anatomy; Grey's is life.

  • Spring over summer, cats over dogs, night in over night out, coffee over tea, messy over perfection, discomfort over ignorance and above all - savour the ride no matter where it takes you!